Cycle of historical knowledge production
Geovistory is a virtual research environment designed to support you in the cycle of historical knolwedge production.
Schematic reproduction of the cycle of historical knowledge production.
As you see in this visualization above, Geovistory accompanies you throughout this process on multpile level:
    manage your project specific ontology modelling semantically the state of affairs
    create your Geovistory library and manage your sources
    manage digital reproduction of your sources (transcriptions in form of texts or tables)
    produce your research data by creating & managing your entities
    annotate digital reproduction, as well as objects of your Geovistory library and link them to your entities
    use the analysis section for cleaning efficiently your data
    analyze your information system, download data and prepare inputs for your publications
    produce stories and publish your texts
The different modules of Geovistory are quickly introduced in this video.
Read this article on the knowledge pyramid in order to better understand how Geovistory guides you through this process.
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