Serial work

What is a Serial Work?

Short description

A Serial Work comprises objects that are, or have been planned, to be produced in sequences of objects. They often have common features (such as similar styling elements).

Extended description

A Serial Work comprises objects that are, or have been, planned to result in sequences of intellectual or artistic expressions with common features.

A Serial Work may for example be a newspaper (published daily, monthly or annually, etc.), a magazine (scientific publication, mainstream or kid press, etc.), or a series (a film or book saga, TV series or TV show, etc.).

A serial work is composed of different parts, such as individual books of a fantasy saga (e.g. "Harry Potter"), or a specific issue of a newspaper. These parts are recorded as source objects and linked to the Serial Work.

Important: This class is still under construction. Important features are missing to use it productively. Please contact us in case you would like to use it.

Hint: You can simply add Type according to your research question, such as "Newspaper", "Magazine", "Edition's collection", "series" , etc. by using the Controlled vocabularies module.

Examples of types of Serial Work

Examples of type of a Serial Work include:

  • Newspaper : A set of large printed sheets of paper containing news, articles, advertisements, etc. and published every day or every week.

  • Magazine : A type of large thin book with a paper cover that you can buy every week or month, containing articles, photographs, etc., often on a particular topic.

  • Scientific Review / Journal : A magazine that deals with a particular subject or profession that presents a review of knowledge at a given time.

  • Series : A set of books or any serially produced item published by the same company that deal with the same subject (set of films, TV series etc.).

Hint: If you need inform about specific characteristics of your Serial Work (like its texture or materiality), check whether an appropriate profile exists and otherwise contact the Geovistory team to help you out.

Add a Serial Work

Cickd "add --> serial work" in the source module on the left and supply the name and definition of a Serial Work.

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