What is a project in Geovistory?

This section helps you manage your Geovistory projects.

A Geovistory project corresponds to a working space for a defined research endevour.

Your research work in Geovistory is performed within a well defined space called Geovistory project. In other words, for each of your research endevours you can create a new Geovistory project.

Although, you build on the same data repository, your research activities within one Geovistory project are independent of the other projects.

Geovistory supports throughout the cycle of historical knowledge production. In each project you can add source material and transcriptions, annotate them, create entities and analyze them.

In the future, there will exist different types of project depending on different research needs. For now, all project have the same functionalities.

Hint: When you enter Geovistory for the first time you will already find a project entitled Sandbox. You can use this project to explore freely the different functionalities of Geovistory.

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