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Geovistory Basics

Basic classes needed to work with Geovistory (activated by default).

Essential aspects of a person's life, like birth, death, marriage, domicile & family relationships.

Aspects of a person's education path like studies, study title, academic discipline, school, college, university.

Aspects of an academic career path like academic discipline, teaching activity, academic position, academic chair (professorship).

Aspects of a career and carried out activities like job titles, functions & concrete activities carried out.

Aspects of personal connections like memberships in groups, relationships with others or interactions.

Aspects such as religious identity, functions & roles of a person in society, residency, nationality or rights (titles) that a person owns.

Law, rights, obligations

Allows to inform on laws or (written or oral) customs being in force in a given place.

Allows to add information on groups, their general location (such as residency, offices etc.) and their type (such as associations, companies, institutions, governments, clubs, group of friends etc.)

Generic events and phases

Allows to detail events or phases (like wars, battles, conferences, audiences etc.) and the participation of persons, governments, institutions & groups in them.

Maritime history

Aspects such as ship, ship voyage, participation in a ship voyage or the transport of economic goods.

Allows to describe activities of writing (book, article, diary, opus etc.), publishing and corresponding.

Writing of a portion of a longer text

Aspects of writing of parts or portions of a longer text at different moments in time. This is the case of daily entries in a diary, or an account book, or chapters of a novel for a writer. Please contact us if you wish to use this profile.

Description of Sources

Basic classes needed to capture standard bibliographic references.

Physical man-made objects and basic information about them

Allows to describe physical objects (such as weapons, jars, carpets, watches etc.) and their features/ attributes evolving in space & time. Please contact us if you wish to use this profile.

Artefacts – Characteristics

Allows to describe physical objects uncovered during an archaeological excavation. Please contact us when you wish to use this profile.


Allows to describe structures (such as walls, remains of buildings etc.) uncovered during an archaeological excavation. Please contact us if you wish to use this profile.

Archaeological excavations

Allows to describe the technical steps that constitute an archaeological excavation process. Please contact us if you wish to use this profile.


Allows to associate any entity with an external identifier such as a GND or idREF-ID, Q-number etc.

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