Work with entities

This page describes how you add an Entity to your entity dataset in the Toolbox.

Hint: your project's entities can be linked with your sources in the Geovistory library via the annotation & linking process.

Add an existing entity

It might be that already an other project in Geovistory works with the entity that you consider relevant for your project. Thanks to its 'one repository'-approach, Geovistory allows you to retrieve basic information from this existing entity and to include it in your own project.

Find more information about how to add entities here.

Add a new entity

Alternatively, you can add new entities to your project.

Note: You can't find the entity class you need (for example "group")?

You have to configure your project settings if you wish to add a class that is not available in the current list of classes.

  • some additional classes are already available within your project and can simply be activated in the project settings.

  • Even more entity classes are contained in other Profiles which can be activated and will then be available in your project.

  • If your needed entity class is still not available, read here for further options.

In the following we quickly present how to work with the most common classes.

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