Digitals module & edit-mode

Release note from 5-5-2022


The work with digitals such as text and tables has been made more accessible adding a module for digitals.

General description

With this release texts and tables now behave similar to other entities and sources in the Geovistory Toolbox: They can now be found and created in a dedicated 'Digitals' module on the left main menu.

Properties of digitals

Like other entities, digitals now have their own properties. Amongst them are:

  • Short titles

  • Comments

  • Annotations

Learn here how to work with Digitals.

Analysis (query) digitals

Since digitals now have properties like entities, we bring the full power of the “Analysis” module (structured queries) to digitals. E.g.: it is now possible to query for annotations and the related texts.

Labels of digitals

Texts and tables now also have an own label. The label is what you see as a title, when searching digitals and when you open the digital in a tab.

In general, Geovistory generates the label of an entity (and texts/tables) by reading some of the properties of that entity (e.g. the short title, the name, etc.). The label-configuration of the entity’s class (here text/table), defines, which properties are taken into account for the label generation.

We created a new default label-configuration for texts, which takes the short title of the text as its label. This is handy, since now you can give the texts a meaningful title.

To modify the label of your texts, you now have two options:

  1. Edit the short title of each text manually (recommended)

  2. Change how the label of the texts are generated in your project. For example: Define to not use short title but has value version field of the digital. If you do so, the label will always contain the first characters of your texts, independent of the short title.

For users with existing texts

If you have existing texts in your project, they had no short title before this release. To avoid you having all your texts left without a label “(no label)”, we auto-generated short titles for all your texts. We took the name of the containing section (or source content) as short title. This way, the text labels have a meaningful label you can work with. Of course, you can edit it, as described above.

Access to digitals

Access digitals easily with the digitals module on the left.

Record information about digitals

Texts and tables have a new functionality where you can record information about them:

Learn here more about it.


The read and edit-mode allows a better overview of the data. Switch to 'edit-mode' before editing any entity, table or text:

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