One Repository
One special feature of Geovistory is its data repository. In Geovistory, all research projects are part of the same repository. In other words, the repository is like a big network of interlinked entities. Each project accesses its specific and relevant part of this network.
The 'one repository' approach is possible because all entity classes in Geovistory are modelled according to the ISO-normed CIDOC-CRM onoloty and its extensions, as explained here.
Importantly, the 'one repository' does not impact your freedom to freely decide (a) which entities are of relevance for your project nor (b) which information attributes are likely to be a historical fact. The event-centered data structure allows you to keep total control over the entities in your project.
The 'one repository'-approach allows you to build your research on previous endevours by yourself or others as some relevant entities might already be existing.
Last modified 1yr ago
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