CIDOC-CRM class C17

What is a "Construction" & how to use it

The class Construction refers to man-made things such as freestanding buildings, components of buildings, and complexes of buildings, but also all man-made parts of infrastructure (roads, lamp posts, dams, etc.)

Example of types of Construction are:

  • Building

  • House

  • Castle

  • Road

  • Dam

Add a Construction

Two fields are mandatory to add a Construction:

  • Its naming (if it has one) and/or address (add the address as naming).

  • and a short definition that allows other users (and even you) to identify it quickly.

You can further describe your Constructions by associating them with Construction Types (building, castle, dam etc.). In order to do this, the vocabulary must be set up in the Controlled Vocabularies settings.


Hint: If georeference data are filled in, then your Construction will appear on the map available in the analysis module.

By clicking on Advanced form, you will have access to some Specific Fields, such as the georeference. This is where you can give the GPS data of the Construction (latitude and longitude) in a WGS84 format.

Important: If you re-use a Construction already entered by another user, you will be able to retrieve the GPS coordinates if they have been recorded. A window suggesting you to add the Georeference will appear. You are free to use them or ignore them and create new coordinates.

Note: For now it is possible to add geo-coordinates (points) to entities such as Geographical Places and Constructions. However, you can not directly link a geometry of a surface (such as shape files) with your entities.

You can activate profiles in order to make use of other classes of interest. The following profiles might be interesting to use in connection with Construction:

Hint: Find here the complete list of available profiles.

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