You might want to import tables that contain information relevant to your research, such as (for example) :

Geovistory Toolbox allows you to upload and store tables in csv and excel format.

Table Import

There are two ways to import a table:

  1. Add a table in the digital module

    1. Open the digital-module on the left and select "add a table"

    2. Fill in a title for your table.

    3. Follow the screens.

  2. Add a new table directly linked to a source object

    1. Open a source object.

    2. Activate edit-mode.

    3. Click on the 3-dots-icon of the source content/section to which you want to link the table.

    4. Then select "add a table".

    5. Fill in the title of your table.

    6. Follow the screens.

The clip below explains the second import procedure.

Table Configuration

The clip below demonstrates how you can configure your table, sort columns, manage the displayed columns and add filters.

Annotate entities in cells

You can directly annotate entities in the cells of your table. Learn here how to do this.

Record information about your table

You can add information on your table, such as its specific naming, a definition, a comment or simply link it to a specific source object.

Procedure for recording information

  • Activate 'edit-mode' and inspect the available 'Fields' on the right.

  • Add a short name, naming, definition or comment exactly like any other piece of information filling in the required information.

Procedure for linking a table with a source object

In case you want to indicate that your table is a digital reproduction of one of your source objects, you can follow this procedure:

  • Select 'fields' and activate 'edit-mode'.

  • Then select 'is reproduction of' and select the source content of the source you want to link this table with.

    --> For this, search in the existing Source Contents on the right, do not create a new Source Content!

Note: In order to link a newly created text with a source object, it is important that the source object already exists in the project library (source module on the very left).

Work with Factoids

Hint: The Toolbox also allows you to work with factoids. Factoids are directly drawn from your tabular sources and represent candidates for entities.

Contact us in case you are interested in working with factoids.

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