How to analyze your data and produce a table

Create a new table

Set your table's parameters,step by step

In order to analyse your entities, you have to choose which entity classes you want to investigate: Persons, Geographical Place, Buildings, Human-Made Objects, Publication Exemplars, etc.

Tables can support multiple classes at once, unlike timelines and maps which are centered around a single class.

In this example, we shall be looking for a listing of all the birthplaces of the persons registered in the projet Academic Education & Careers.

Since we are looking for birthplaces, we select the class "Geographical Place".

  • click on continue

  • hit "run" to retrieve a list of all geographical places in your project

The project Academic Education & Careers is a shared project, open to all. You can use the analyses already registered by other users to learnhow they are configured, and try to create new ones !

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