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This profile concerns the education of a person at its different levels.
You will likely use it to record informations about someone's studies.
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Main classes of this profile

Main classes & properties
Use cases
--> A person’s learning activity during a given time-span at a school, college or university, such as someone pursuing studies in History, from 1958 to 1963
--> This class comprises a title or degree that one receives after completing a course of study, such as a bachelor or a master degree
--> The present class models the fact that a person succeeded in obtaining a study title or degree, like someone concluding its PhD in Biology with Summa cum Laude

Most common use cases

Inform about a person's studies

To add information's about a person's studies, you can proceed as follows:
Create a new "Study" entity
Enter informations about the Study
  • Don't forget to use the edit mode
  • On a person's card, find the property "study of" in the specific fields, and click on the "+" button
  • You can add here the informations you have about the person's study, like the period of time during which they took place
  • Click on the "+" buttons to link the new Study to other relevant entities, such as a geographical place (where the study took place), a group (in which institution), and an academic discipline (what subject was the person's studying)
  • These informations will then appear under the "study of" property of the person's
The class "Study" is modeled as a phase, i.e. as a set of coherent activities related to the general occupation of studying at one, and only one, education institution.

Inform about a person's study title

To add information's about a person's studies, you can proceed as follows:
Create a new "Study title"
Use the "has obtained" property
  • This step is only relevant if this type of study title (e.g. Bachelor degree, Master degree etc.) does not already exist in your project, regardless of the institution or the field of study in which the degree was completed
  • Create a new study title by clicking on "Entities" > "add" > "Study title". You can then name and define the title
  • On a person's card, find the property "has obtained" in the specific fields, and click on the "+" button
  • You can add the information you have about the obtaining of the study title, typically like the date of the graduation
  • Link the "Obtaining of the study title" entity to the study title you previously created, by clicking on the "+" button of the "is obtention of" field. You can then select it on the right side of the window that appears ("choose an existing Study title")
  • You can repeat this pattern to link the "obtaining of the study title" to other entities, like an institution ("is delivered by"), a geographical place ("is obtained at") or a person ("has academic supervisor")

Profile overview

The details of each classes and properties can be found on the OntoMe webpage of the profile.
Overview of the "Education" profile structure