Updated form for adding entities

Release from 12-10-2021

The form for adding entities has been revised in order to simplify the interconnection between entities in your project and all entities stored in the Geovistory repository.

learn here more about the Geovistory 'one-repository-approach'.


1) Simple vs advanced form

In order to make the entry form cleaner, the new form distinguishes between 'simple form' and 'advanced form'. Click on advanced form to make visible the whole range of choice.

If you would need other choices, you might need to activate other OntoME profiles.

You can also contact us at info@kleiolab.ch in case you have questions.

The form now automatically searches for existing entities in the Geovistory Repository when you start typing a name.

Entities already in your project are highlighted with a green 'tick'.

Hint: You can filter in order to only display results from your onw project.

3) Inspect entities found

In order to be able to better understand whether the results found in the repository truly correspond with the entity that you are looking for, you can now inspect them by clicking on one of the search results.

You will then find displayed all information available on the selected entity in the whole repository. This is the community version. You can add this entity to your own project:

Note regarding information added:

When you add the entity, not all information from the community version are added to your project. Otherwise entities curated in your own project might get very fast polluted.

In the example from above, the 2295 ship departures would not be added. Only the geographical place Jakarta.

4) Add more information from the community version to the added entity

However, once an entity is added, you can add more information from the community version. Open for this its 'entity card' and selectthe information to be added, for examples the coordinates of a geographical place.

Note: You can only add such information in case you have the corresponding classes activated in your project. Learn here how to do this.

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