A "digital" is a digital file such as a text, table or image. You can add digitals to your project and link them with source objects or entities. For example, you can write a comment about a specific person or place and link it with the corresponding entity.

Supported digital file formats:

Geovistory does not yet support images. It is our intention to do so soon.

Use cases for digitals

There are different use cases for digitals:

Reproduction of sources

You can use texts and tables to link transcriptions or excerpts of the content of a source with your source object. Learn more about it here.

Summaries, notes & comments

You can use texts and tables to store summaries, notes or comments relevant for your research and link them with your source objects and entities as wished.

Document your working procedures & progress

You can use texts and tables to:

  1. collaboratively describe the working procedures and standards within your research project.

  2. track the work progress of each team member.

Hint: You can directly link entities mentioned in your texts and tables (see example above on the right).

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