There are different ways to connect your entities to your source material;

  • annotate elements in a text with your project entities.

  • match cells in a table with your project entities.

  • link your project entities to source objects in your Geovistory library.

These three cases are explained below.

Annotate words in a text

Annotate elements of a text and link it to your entities.


  1. Open the text and activate 'edit-mode'.

  2. Select the part of the text that interests you with the cursor and click on "+ " in the top bar.

A green lower bar appears which allows you to drag and drop your entity, previously searched in your list of entities on the left.

This is also explained in the video below (some elements in the interface have changed):

Annotate cells in a table

Annotate cells of a table and link them to corresponding entities.


  • switch to 'edit-mode' and click on the 'link-icon' of the column you are interested in

  • map this column to the correct entity class (e.g person, geographical place etc.)

  • A greyed side-column appears in the maped column. Use it to match individual cells with entities of your project by clicking on the '3-dots-icon'.

Link an entity to source objects of your library. You can qualify this link in distinguishing whether the entity is the main topic of the linked source or whether it is simply mentioned in this source.


  • open entity you want to link and enable 'edit-mode'

  • navigate to the "Annotations" section on the right

  • select is mentioned in or is topic of and click on '+'-icon

Mentioned in

  1. Select in what type of source object your entity is mentioned in.

  2. Select one of the existing source objects from a drop-down menu and indicate an exact reference if wished.

Topic of

  1. Select in what type of source object your entity is topic of.

  2. Search on the right side in your project's library for an existing source object.

    --> You can filter the search results for your project.

Note that ideally you add first the source object to your project's library (source module) before linking an entity to it. Learn here more about it.

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