CIDOC-CRM class E74

What is a "Group" & how to use it

Group comprises any gatherings or organizations (official or not) in which Persons (Actors) are involved. It can be used to connect several people together.

A gathering of people becomes an Group when it exhibits organizational characteristics usually typified by a set of ideas or beliefs held in common, or actions performed together. This might be a common purpose such as study, worship, business, sports, etc.

Example of groups are:

  • associations

  • companies

  • institutions

  • governments

  • organizations

  • clubs

  • group of friends

Add a Group

Groups have only two mandatory fields :

  • its naming

  • and a short definition that allows other users (and even you) to understand what it is.

You can also characterize Group by associating them with Group Types (organisation, institution, family, etc.). In order to do this, the vocabulary must be set up in the Controlled Vocabularies setting.

You can activate profiles in order to make use of other classes of interest. The following profiles might be interesting to use in connection with groups:

Hint: Find here the complete list of available profiles.

Learn by example :

Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen

The first step is to give your Group a name. Remember that a naming could be linked to a language (french, english, latin,...), a time-span and a type (such as acronym, appellation, official name).

Add a short definition that helps to identify the group.

Hint: At any moment you can open the detailed page of your group and add further elements (more members, other locations etc.) to it by clicking on the plus button on the right.

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